Clay Plant Road Pottery

Handmade in Bloomingdale, Indiana by husband and wife team, Austin and Courtney Cook. We love making useful and beautiful pottery for everyday use. Read more about us and our pottery journey here.


You can't help but admire the beautiful colors Clay Plant Road is able to get from their glazes. This mug is not only beautiful in color, but both the handle and the lip are extremely well thought out. It is one of the most well-balanced mugs I have ever seen (and I own a lot of mugs!). Thank you for the patience and care you put into these.


Been a customer of this shop since a short while after they opened and I am SO happy I was able to snag this mug! I have been living for their glazes on black mugs recently and HP is a longtime fandom of mine. This mug did not disappoint when I got it in person! Will definitely continue to be a customer of theirs.


I have three mugs from Clay Plant Road now (one custom and two of their designs) and I'm completely obsessed. They are the most beautiful mugs I've ever seen, and I LOVE using them. They're just so gorgeous and the quality is outstanding. I hope to add many more to my collection over the years!


I may have a small addiction to these mugs! Had the pleasure of meeting Austin and Courtney at the Covered Bridge Festival. Not only are they so friendly, sweet, and down to earth, but they are SO talented! Their mugs are so sturdy, comfortable, and BEAUTIFUL!! I am so pleased to support artists like this. I should probably stop collecting mugs...but I just cant resist Clay Plant Road!